Water Wall


Water Wall was the second installation conceived and constructed for the exhibition “Lawn Nation: The Art and Science of the American Lawn” at the Peggy Notebeart Nature Museum in Chicago (May-September 2008). This piece represents the amount of water used per person per day on turf grass in the United States. It breaks down the amount of water into a scale which most everyone can relate to: water bottles. The overwhelming number of water bottles needed to create Water Wall (1,600) impresses upon the observer the great need for water conservation and the intelligent use of our resources. The piece uses recycled water bottles, collected from the Museum and recycling centers, and it was recycled at the end of the exhibition.

We collected approximately 2,000 water bottles, washed and removed the labels, constructed the wall in our studio, then deconstructed it and reassembled it at the Museum. A video of the assembly can be seen at designlabworkshop.com.

The Museum requested we add the word “Thirsty?” to beg the question, does your lawn or your family deserve fresh, potable water.

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