Carol Wax is a prolific American artist who is renowned for her mezzotints. Her work is rich in detail and finds ways to make mundane objects come alive.

In designing her catalogue raisonné, the first time all her work to date had been collected in a publication, I felt there needed to be a simple layout that would allow the viewer’s focus to be on the intricacies of her work. Therefore, all the information regarding specific prints is concentrated at the spine in muted colors, while the text-based pages highlight the rich colors that are subtly incorporated in specific works. Wax’s mezzotints are challenging, and this is reflected in the disjointed section titles that need a close, attentive eye to decipher. Also, as per the artist’s request, no mezzotint is enlarged past its original size in the catalogue (though some are reduced in size) in order for to viewers see the work as the artist intended.