Worldweave Event

Merit winner: HOW Magazine Promotion Design Awards

Weaving is the ancient art of interlacing threads to create fabric, each thread vital to the whole and sharing a common purpose. When Gensler principals gathered in Chicago for their Annual Meeting in October 2007 the event was branded “Worldweave,” referring to the global reach and multicultural mix of personnel that make up the international firm. Unique fabric patterns were designed and produced for various branded pieces such as a scarf which was mailed as an invitation to each principal, silk scarves to identify volunteers at the events and a colorful lining in the bag that was distributed to all attendees. The identity logo depicting interlocking Ws and seven brand colors were applied to various pieces unifying the look and feel of the event throughout.

In keeping with the firm’s commitment to sustainable practices, serious considerations were taken regarding recycled and re-purposed materials for all branded elements. The signage for the event was transformed from a mock-up generated for a previous project in the studio. The tradition of offering gifts to the visiting principals during their stay was altered to include useful and usable items chocolates with ethnic flavors based on the surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, venues and tours were chosen based on their proximity to the attendees accommodations.

Chicago became the perfect backdrop for the theme of Worldweave. The melting-pot city with many ethnic neighborhoods was interpreted with road maps, suggesting the warp and weft of weaving, throughout the accompanying event guide book. The window grids of the surrounding city architecture themselves reinforced the Worldweave theme, reminding attendees of the design, architecture and urban planning work of the firm.